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Pay Per Click Management

Pay Per Click Management

We at Leadwire believe that Internet Marketing is not a one day wonder. It involves strategic thinking, creation of action plans and constantly tracking the work done to achieve the desired results. As an ethical Internet marketing company we adopt the best internet marketing practices and always aim at achieving of goals effectively rather than quickly.

Pay per click services-leadwire

We very well know that PPC Marketing can be a very successful way of drawing visitors to your website BUT if handled properly, otherwise can become a device that swallow your income & productivity.

Setting up a basic PPC campaign is easy but still most end up frustrated and disappointed while trying to manage the campaign with the hope to be successful from their internet marketing initiatives. This is either because they do not have the time to devote to manage their Pay Per click (PPC) strategies or they understand that to truly handle a PPC strategy successfully needs a level of knowledge of internet marketing that most do not have. Our team of PPC experts helps you get more out of your PPC strategies and entice new clients to your business.

Of course, PPC marketing has changed a lot over the last few years; advertisers have to pay more for their targeted keywords, and marketing with Search engines especially with Google with the higher bids the competitors set, while profit is reduced due to higher cost per acquisition. We bid on Google, Bing and Yahoo! Platforms for your marketing.

PPC Management with Leadwire helps internet companies to steadily growing with a peace of mind that your PPC account is in the right hands. Our PPC group merge innovative bid marketing resources with experience on PPC management and available for immediate contact throughout the regular working days.

Due to our years of experience we’re certain that we can deliver outcomes. Our PPC customers’ vary from multi-national e-commerce cubicles, what they have in common is a dedication to achieve success with us. In our PPC management process we mainly concentrate on-

  • Keyword research and selection
  • Content development for AD
  • Finding and optimizing landing page
  • Ad Submission
  • PPC Monitoring and Conversion Tracking
  • Management of PPC cost
  • Changes in the present campaign if needed to improve the CTC (Click Through Rate)
  • Periodic testing of new ads and call to action button.

Pay per click services

We report monthly or as per the clients’ requirement, on the campaign’s success regarding keyword and content for ads, and create a rank report to make you aware where you rank in organic search results with the search phrases you pay for. After you evaluate the report, we are available to describe the campaign’s improvement, and response any concerns that you may have.